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How To Remove Heatilator Prefab Fireplace Doors

If you’re the owner of Heatilator fireplace doors, there will come a time when you must remove them for one reason or another. You may want to replace or clean your Heatilator fireplace door, which will require you to take them off your firebox frame. The process of removing your Heatilator fireplace doors is relatively easy and should not take you very long at all. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to do to remove your Heatilator fireplace doors.

 1. Make sure the fire is not lit

Before you start removing your fireplace doors, you have to make sure there is no fire lit in the fireplace and that the fireplace doors are cool enough to handle. You may also want to use some heatproof gloves to handle the fireplace doors during removal just in case. 

2. Ensure both doors are open

Before you take the Heatilator doors off their hinges, you have to ensure they are open, as this will make it easier to remove them and ensure they are in the right place for removal. 

3. Locate the tension clips

Each of our Heatilator prefab fireplace doors has tension clips that help keep the fireplace doors and frame in place. If you cannot locate them, don’t hesitate to contact the Heatilator team. 

4. Push on the top clip and slide the door pin out

You will need to remove the tension clip from the hole. Simply apply pressure to the tension clip using your hands or a screwdriver. If the doors have been installed for a long time, using a screwdriver may be easier. 

5. Slide the bottom door pin out

If your Heatilator fireplace door has pins on the top and at the bottom, the second set of tension pins will be a lot easier to remove. Once all tension clips have been removed, the Heatilator fireplace doors can be taken out of the firebox.

Doors with a frame

Most Heatilator fireplace doors will be installed into the firebox with a frame. Before you remove the frame, you have the ensure that you remove the fireplace doors before. The doors should come out easily once the screws are undone. It’s important that you don’t try to remove the whole frame with the doors still attached, as this could cause damage. Only remove the frame from the firebox once you have 

Additional extras

If you are replacing or upgrading your fireplace doors, then you may have some extra parts from older models. You will need to remove these parts to complete your Heatilator fireplace door removal. You should speak to a specialist to see if there are any extras needed for newer heatilator fireplace door models.